Foscarini is a creative workshop born from the idea that light represents the energy and soul of a space. Collaborating with dozens of world-class designers, Foscarini brings us contemporary lighting designs that let us not only see, but feel.


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Rituals 2 Ceiling Light
by Foscarini
Twiggy Floor Lamp
by Foscarini
$2,167 - $2,406
Aplomb Pendant
by Foscarini
$446 - $586
Big Bang Halogen Suspension
by Foscarini
$1,146 - $1,376

Foscarini lighting was founded in 1981 with the belief that light is the vibrancy of energy and soul. Openly exploring the possibilities of Murano glass, there are table, floor, and ceiling fixtures each uniquely produced by over 20 designers. Foscarini lighting fixtures, including O-Space, Uto Light, and Big Bang, are available in satin-finished glass, polyethylene, wood and aluminum, or an exclusive textured glass-tissue. Foscarini is a place where ideas are transformed into a tangible reality, created with the intent of "lighting up the rooms of your life."