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With an eye on the past, Paris-based DCW éditions is an objects editor, bringing to light works from designers and inventors like Bernard-Albin Gras, Bernard Schottlander and Bertrand Balas.

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NL12 Pendant
by DCW Editions
Here Comes The Sun Pendant
by DCW Editions
$340 - $1,109

Lighting Systems

Les Acrobates
Les Acrobates de Gras

Scalable suspensions with customizable components, inspired by the rhythm of acrobats.

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Founded in 2008, DCW editions sought to bring the past to light, with an eye on the future. They began with the GRAS lamp from inventor Bernard-Albin Gras. Their work always feels a bit industrial chic, timeless yet rooted in a bygone era. Julien Porche's Surpil chair, Bernard Schottlander's Mantis lamps, Bertrand Balas's Here Comes the Sun pendant, Dominique Perrault and Galle Lauriot-Prvost's In the Tube collection form just a portion of their growing - and award-winning - selection of unique fixtures.