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A Bohemian designer and producer of decorative lighting fixtures and glass objects, Sans Souci offers a range of scalable suspensions that embody high-end craftsmanship and sophisticated technology. At the core of their work is a fascination with the harmony of contrast, blending diverse elements and ideas, resulting in artful bespoke lighting installations.

Sans Souci Nuggets Collection

One of the key benefits of Sans Souci lighting systems is their deep understanding of light and their commitment to technological advances. Their team of lighting specialists tackle complex lighting projects with ease, offering innovative solutions to create the perfect ambiance. With dynamic and interactive lighting features and an expertise in nano-coating processes, Sans Souci forges the impossible, whether that's allowing light to shine through metal or building a complex fixture with 3D printing.

Sans Souci Bond Collection
Sans Souci Haida Collection

Craftsmanship and Innovation

Craftsmanship and innovation go hand-in-hand at Sans Souci's factory in Bohemia's Crystal Valley. The brand's design lab takes cues from nature, with collections like Oyster, Vine, Nectar, Ginkgo, and Lily mimicking organic forms, crafted from hand-blown, sandblasted, opal and ombre crystal along with slumped glass and brass. The results are magical, especially when scaled for extra-large spaces.

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