Outdoor Track Lighting

Outdoor Track Lighting

Outdoor track lighting is becoming a popular choice for illuminating outdoor areas like covered patios, decks, screened-in porches and backyard pergolas. While homeowners select outdoor furniture and garden plants with care, they often overlook the many design possibilities well-planned outdoor lighting can provide. Security flood lights are commonly used to light exteriors and backyard spaces without much thought to their overall negative effect on ambience.

Just as a cozy living room comes from well-controlled lighting, an inviting outdoor area should be dimly lit with pools of localized light that illuminate seating areas and highlight key visual features. Outdoor track lighting is the perfect solution for lighting outdoor areas. It beautifully highlights architecture, detailed landscapes, outdoor sculptures and more.

Flexibility and adjustability are the two most valuable aspects of outdoor track lighting; as your outdoor space evolves, the location of tables, grills, furniture and plants is bound to change, but track lighting is more than willing to adjust. Easy to install and highly customizable, outdoor track lighting allows you to build unforgettable outdoor areas that invite friends and family to a relaxing evening.

What Is Outdoor Track?

Similar to indoor track, outdoor track features a plastic, u-shaped channel with another outdoor-rated wire running through it and can be nailed into any beam or cove regardless of their lengths. It’s a 12V, low voltage system, which minimizes electrical problems and is safe for children.

How Much Light + What Type of Bulbs?

Micro Cylinder track heads using LED MR16 light bulbs are the best option as they offer the most energy efficient technology and you don’t have to worry about heat emission; we recommend bulbs from GE, as they are compatible with the magnetic transformer used for this outdoor track system. Opt for a bulb with a warm color temperature (3000K or 2700K) to create a cozy outdoor environment at night.

In terms of the amount of light needed, you don’t need much. Often, people use their outdoor space for entertainment purposes, so five-to seven-watt LEDS work well.

Halogen MR16 bulbs are also an option. If you’re using halogen light bulbs, 20 watts will work and create a comfortable environment. All halogen bulbs have a color temperature of 3000K.

Other Design Options

Like all well-designed settings, layers of light is key. To create an impressive outdoor environment, we recommend putting your lights on separate power supplies and dimmers. This will allow you to control your landscape lighting and the track separately.

Outdoor Track Lighting

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