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Wet-rated track for the patio, pergola, and beyond.

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A versatile system to light up covered patios, decks, screened-in porches and backyard pergolas, PureEdge Lighting's outdoor track lighting is a top-of-the-line solution for alfresco living. Easy to install with a clean, minimalist appeal, outdoor track offers ultimate flexibility. With the ability to adjust each track head, you can create the ambiance you need any time of day.

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Bringing indoor features outside creates a more welcoming environment. Just as a cozy living room comes from well-controlled lighting, outdoor areas should be adjustable based on your activities and mood. Outdoor track lighting beautifully highlights architecture, detailed landscapes, outdoor sculptures, grills, fireplaces, game tables and more.

Flexibility and adjustability are the two most valuable aspects of outdoor track lighting. As plants grow, seasons change and the sun shifts, it's important to be able to shift your lighting as needed. Easy to install and highly customizable, outdoor track lighting sets the perfect mood for backyard parties, outdoor movie nights, or even working from home (on the deck, when weather permits).

How Much Light + What Type of Bulbs?

Micro Cylinder track heads using LED MR16 light bulbs are the best option, as they offer the most energy-efficient technology and you don't have to worry about heat emission. Opt for a bulb with a warm color temperature (3000K or 2700K) to create a cozy outdoor environment at night.

In terms of the amount of light needed, you don't need much. Often, people use their outdoor space for entertainment purposes, so five to seven watt LEDS work well. Halogen MR16 bulbs are also an option. If you're using halogen light bulbs, 20 watts will work and create a comfortable environment. All halogen bulbs have a color temperature of 3000K.

Similar to indoor track, outdoor track features a plastic, u-shaped channel with another outdoor-rated wire running through it, and can be nailed into any beam or cove regardless of length. It's a 12V, low-voltage system, which minimizes electrical problems and is safe for children. When it comes to lighting up lounge areas on the deck, potted plants, outdoor kitchens and cafe tables, it's an obvious winner.

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