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In business over 70 years, LeKlint remains dedicated to their Danish traditions of craftsmanship and ingenuity. Iconic white lampshades, suspensions and pendants of folded linen represent LeKlint signature style, deceptively simple and elegantly inspired.

Le Klint

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Model 172 Pendant
by Le Klint
$479 - $3,029
The Bouquet Five-Light Chandelier
by Le Klint
$1,116 - $3,029
Model 161 Pendant
by Le Klint
The Bouquet Three-Light Chandelier
by Le Klint
$829 - $1,833

Le Klint was founded in Copenhagen in 1943 and remains dedicated to its traditions of craftsmanship and ingenuity to this day. Iconic white lampshades, suspensions, and pendants of pleated and folded linen embody the signature Le Klint style. Deceptively simple in appearance, the intricate lighting structures achieve a rare breed of inspired elegance that elevates both form and function to a new plane. In the late '60s and '70s, Poul Christiansen brought extraordinary innovation and dimension to Le Klint's collection, securing its legacy as a classic in mid-century modern lighting design.